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Full Version: Reduce fraction on HP50G
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When I derive and eval the following function: (x^3 -8)^(1/3), I get:
x^2 * (x^3-8)^(1/3)/(x^3-8)

Is it possible to simplify the (x^3-8) in order to get:
x^2 / (x^3-8)^(2/3)

Thanks very much,


It can be "forced" by the following: enter the expression,
use DERVX in the CALC menu, press down-arrow to enter eqn writer,
press down-arrow, down-arrow, right-arrow, EVAL, enter (to leave
the eqn writer), then EVAL once more. You should have :
x^2 / (cube root of x^3-8)^2, close to but not the fractional
power you want. I'm a new user and after going thru the AUR twice,
nothing comes back to me in this regard. Any suggestions? ☺

Sorry, that was my attempt at "alt + 1" with num-lock on, which is
supposed to return a smiley. It appeared, really. Thanks, Glenn