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Full Version: HP 50G...the last graphing calc from HP?
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I found specific state-of-the-art software developed for TI 89 calculator. When I asked if they were thinking of producing it also for HP calculators, the Technical Services Dept gave me a quick and sharp answer: “no, because HP will no longer produce scientific plotting calculators” Ups…!!! Is it true?

I sincerely hope not.


I don't think so. The Titanium and HP 50 G are improvements of
previous TI 89 and HP 49 graphic calculators.

One can read from TI internet page: Introducing TI's most powerful graphing calculator: The TI-89 Titanium ...Well, the TI 89 was released in 1998, the same with HP 49.

M Vanti

I don't know how a call center person would know anything about what R&D is working on. They don't get any information until a product is about to be released. . .

I suspect there was a misunderstanding somewhere.


Just to note, I infer from the original post that the call centre person works for a 3rd party software developer, not HP.

Re-reading it again, that does seem to be the case. Although I am still a bit unclear. . .