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Full Version: LogicDart help needed (probes)
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Greetings from the Croatia!
I have a HP LogicDart without probes.
For many years I tried to buy it, and now that I finally succeeded, I can not find the probe or any information about how I can make them. Therefore, I believe that this is the right place to ask you nicely to someone give me any information obout the purchase or construction of probes for the Logic Dart.
Manny thanks!
Best regards

Edited: 6 Mar 2010, 7:02 p.m.

The bare Darts recently appearing on eBay were probably service replacements which is why they come without cases or probes.

Unfortunately the probes contain some electronics and HP never released a service manual explaining what went on. So, unfortunately, there is no easy way to replace them.

I am aware of what you wrote. Unfortunately, I realized it only when the LD came into my hand (after I bought it, of course, on e-Bay). My LD really looks like new (not even one scratch), and it seems to work perfectly (passed all tests that do not include the probes). Has a small sticker on the back that says: HP refurbished product. I really like this product, and I really need it in my work so I'm ready to do anything to make it complete (make or buy a probes). If anyone has any idea where to start, please tell me.
Best regards, Hrvoje

You can't make the probes because no one knows how they work. You can't reverse engineer a probe because no one wants to ruin a working one. You can't reverse engineer what they do by looking inside the LogicDart because it has a couple of big custom chips. And you can't buy probes from a broken LogicDart because it's odds on that whatever zapped the Dart also zapped the probes.