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Full Version: There seems to be a very recent bull market...
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The 15c is on the rise...again.

It used to be that the only ones that broke $200 had a manual and a box...now I see one that broke $360 without a manual or a box, and even has a worn slipcase.


And then there is the 49G. What had been sold for $20 to $30 spiked to $40 to $60 for about a week, and now seems to be deflating like a leaky balloon.

"Pricing" for antique calculators seems to be nothing if not reliably volatile. I noticed the same basic tendency 10 years ago, but now the prices are higher :-/

We should start a spoof radio show--like "Marketplace" on public radio. When we "do the numbers" we can really do them!

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My observations over the last three years is that prices drop (Less competition? More supply?) over the summer and xmas holidays.

Perhaps spring cleaning increases the number of items and disposable income is directed to summer activities.

Holiday shopping must have an impact. But it goes both ways. I spend nothing on calc purchases (need to get gifts for family), but then my wife may pay anything to get me a calc for xmas.

but then my wife may pay anything to get me a calc for xmas.

How explicit are your hints?! I haven't had the nerve to try this for $1000 camera lenses!


I have recently coughed up some pretty pennies for some of the hp vintage machines. I am amazed how the prices are trying to remain high.

BTW, my son Joey was accepted by Oregon State University (in good old Corvallis) for a PhD in theoretical condensed matter. I thought you might like to know. He is graduating this May from NAU. I will be there in early April. Perhaps we can have lunch one day?


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How explicit are your hints?!

Direct. My wife, kid and myself for years have had nothing on our xmas lists, so we gave up on xmas and just did family trips. However my kid wanted xmas again, so we started up two seasons ago. Xmas tree, presents, etc... The problem still remains, nobody wants anything, but if you do not pick something, then you'll get stuff that you do not need or want. So we all have to have a list to hand out to the others.

Hi Namir,

Great news for Joey. My niece got her Industrial Engineering degree from OSU (Corvallis is her home town) a few years ago.

Great on coming to Flagstaff in April - let me know when. I think my email address is available via the Forum, but if not: shaffer .at. alumni-dot-caltech-dot-edu .