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Full Version: Kitchen timer on 17B/17BII/17BII+/19B/19BII/27S
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Does anyone know a way to set an appointment time from the Solver in 17BII ?

These calculators have appointment alarm function, thus can be used as a kitchen timer. If you wish to count 8 min for boiling spaghetti (or whatever you want to do),

1. You get the current time in the calculator.

2. Add 8 min to the current time to get the appointment time.

3. Set the appointment time for an alarm.

This could be done manually;

1. Select MAIN -> TIME menu.

2. Add 8 min to the current time in your brain to get the appointment time.

3. Select MAIN -> TIME -> APPT -> APTx (x=1 to 9), key-in the appointment time calculated by you to TIME

Letfs do it in a slightly sophisticated manner;

1. Keep a gTIMERh equation in Solver


2. MAIN -> SOLVE -> select TIMER equation -> CALC, input 8 to MIN, calculate ALARM

3. Remaining the ALARM value in the x register (calculator line), set an appointment alarm by MAIN -> TIME -> APPT -> APTx (x=1 to 9) -> TIME

O.K., it works fine (please forget a possibility to start boiling spaghetti after 23:52 midnightc). Step 3 above can be done automatically if I can put the ALARM time within the Solver, probably knowing the internal variable name for the appointment settings. I would like to ask you if there is a way to set the calculated appointment time from the Solver?

I hope you understand what I wish to do and somebody here helps me.

Only a geek would think of such a thing. It's a cool idea! However, I don't see any reference to alarm functions in the Solver, only date functions. perhaps an undocumented call?