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Full Version: 30b can be ordered
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$58 bucks and free shipping.


Nice! I recommend the folks here getting one!

... at least not in Europe through HP's website d:-(

Sigh :-(

Having just be made redundant, I don't think I can spring for non-essentials like this just yet :-(

- Pauli

It seems that you have to call to get free shipping. If you order on-line, a shipping charge gets added in the cart.

Edited: 4 Mar 2010, 3:43 p.m.


Somehow, the price is messed up and they put in a request to fix it. The price on the hp website should be 49.99 and will be fixed within the next day or two.



Thanks to a note from a fellow forumer, it turned out the 30b will be sold in Germany from May on d:-). It's listed by a distributor for 49,95 Euros plus shipping - so much about currencies and fair trade d:-(.


If it'll still be appropriate then, we'll think about some import to down under, declaring it as semi-finished product d;-). Until then, keep your head and spirit up. Good luck!


Hi Walter. My guess is that it will sell for 50 dollars, 50 euros and 50 british pounds. :-(




someone should correct "Black Sholes" to "BlackÔÇôScholes" in Specs too ;-)

Best regards

OT: Did you receive my email on the (Germany specific) 17bII+ issue?

Sheesh. I've sent back changes to fix that page two different times now (both times had that mistake corrected). Seems like they just glance at it and make the change if they happen to notice a difference. Maybe third time's a charm.


What about those of us who bought it at the $59 price and had already completed our order yesterday?


Send me an email and I will send you to the correct person who can help.


What does "rotate and click" keys in the description mean?

In non-technical terms, it means the keyboard is light years better than the 20b. Maybe not as good as the classic calcs, but it's a solid, positive tactile feel. In addition, there are no problems with double-presses, missed keystrokes or anything of that sort.

Translation: buy it, you'll love it. :-)


Edited: 5 Mar 2010, 10:16 p.m.

I guess the rotation of a key by a few degrees around the axis formed by the two hinges is meant with 'rotate'. I heard this term the first time with the 30b. 'click' might be the obvious.

Nothing more than what HP's calculator keys used to do since the HP35 until the HP48GX inclusively. So, the wheel wasn't reinvented but relabeled - something US-American marketeers can do best d;-)

Hi Walter!

Is it different for the 50g and 35s?


Not really. The domes are different between them slightly, but the underlying methodology is identical. This was a late printing and had a few issues so ignore those. Neither cyrille nor I have seen the shipping units.

For those wondering, all the text was tweaked from the 20b. Things were centered, aligned, enlarged (numbers, arrows, backspace) and spaced much better. Anything with CAPITAL spelling is a direct command (except where it wouldn't make sense - IRR vs Irr), lowercase signifies a menu. The fonts are Luz Sans and Gentium (as opposed to TNR on the 20 - blech).


Edited: 6 Mar 2010, 10:09 a.m.

FWIW, this one shot method is used since the Pioneers. Earlier models (Voyagers and before) had individual keys.

The 35S uses a similar approach. No idea about the 50G, however.