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Full Version: Repairing a HP 82033 Battery Pack
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I bought a printer with a dead battery, since the rest of the HP stuff the seller was selling worked less the printer due to the battery I figured the 30$ printer was worth the risk. So reading over the DVDs I have not found any tech specs on the pack.

Anyone have any advice how to rebuild the battery pack?



They do outstanding work.

I've used them and 2nd that. Only issue is the 8 week backlog.

Oh well, the box is packaged up already.

Thank you to both of you. Its in the mail in the morning.


Depending on where you live, another possible option is Batteries Plus. In general, you give them a battery pack, and they return the same thing with the latest in NiCd or MiMH batteries installed. I've had them work only on my electric razors, but they seem to do a good job.

There are no Battery Plus stores in Canada per the site.


If you have at least decent soldering skills, you can fix it on your own. See this museum page. Also you might want to check the articles section of this site.
A google search like "battery site:hpmuseum.org" will show you lots of the museum archive contents related to battery packs.

It's really simple, good luck!

I saw that, but figured for 28$ getting it rebuilt is pretty cheap, especially if I mess up.