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Full Version: HP35s zip cover
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I used to have a HP35s, however sadly it was stolen of my desk at work.

I have since orderd and recieved a new one but i was shocked to find the new one arrived with a slip on cover. I work in the field all day and my zip cover on my old HP35s made it irrepaleable.

Does anyone know where i could order a new zipper case online?? i have searched and cant seem to find one anywhere.

What? The 35s now comes with a different case? Arrgggh! That's one of the best things about that calc!


That sucks! I had no idea they came with a different case now.

Leave me a private message here and give me your address, I have an extra HP35s zip case that I'd be happy to send to you.

Typical. First bring out a new product at a certain price. Then keep subtracting things from the package (printed manual, zip cover, what's next?), giving the illusion that the price is stable, while in reality the effective price is creeping up.

What is and isn't included in the packages almost always is dictated by distributors and retailers for consumer products (shelf/shipping/peg space)

I think the case was a casualty of needing to make the packaging thinner.


What is and isn't included in the packages almost always is dictated by distributors and retailers for consumer products (shelf/shipping/peg space)

Incredible. Once was a time when the manufacturer dictated to the distributor/retailer how the product was to be displayed/stocked/sold.
Sam Walton changed all that.

That is indeed infuriating - the quality cover was a great feature of the 35s.

So did they replace it with a sturdy leather cover of some quality (like the 50g)?

Having said that, the 50g I recently bought from amazon.co.uk came with a thumping big crap MP3 player packaged. Hardly a space saving device.

I'd be interested to see what is in the 30b package when they start selling it in the UK. Perhaps that is an indication of things to come.

... slip on cover

Sounds more like in the lines of the 33s slip case.

I think the case was a casualty of needing to make the packaging thinner.

To cut costs on both the cover and packaging.

BTW, the webpage for the 35s now says "pouch", but the PDF still says "premium protective case". You may want to get them to update the PDF too.

I found a picture here:


Looks like the 33s case...

Yip, its pretty much exactly the same as the 33s. I mailed HP but its over 24hrs now and i still dont have a response.

After seeing the picture, I realize I have one of those cases I got for my Pioneers. They are actually quite nice. I would prefer it over the original 35s zip cover, but that's just my preference.

If it's the 33s case, it is pretty nice. The 33s case is sturdy enough to protect the calculator from short falls, reasonable protection from objects hitting the cased calculator.

The Pioneer cases, if like the ones with my 20S and 32SII, are awful; they are thin vinyl and really only keeps dirt and moisture off the calc and is no good for anything more massive than a spitball hitting the calculator.

I think I'd prefer it over the zipper case too. Both zippers on one of my 35S cases have gone bad, rendering the case useless.

Mine got bad too - the zip case is a piece of @#$%. Where could one buy the pouch?

To cut costs on both the cover and packaging.

That said, it makes sense. I tried my 33s pouch with the 35s and it fits perfectly. Would fit the 17BII+ too I'd guess (looks much like the 35s shape - though I don't own one to compare). So it would make sense to produce one cover that fits many models.

Just think - those of us that have a zipper case can in 30 years time advertise on eBay (or whatever takes its place) "with original zip case - only sold with earlier models" (much like the "red dot" ?? :) )

I am still trying to source one than i will have both. I suppose in a day or two i will adjust to the slip on one.

It really is amazing how a calculator can become so important in your life, when ever i have to try use someone else i am lost...

Hahaha. Stranger things have happened in the world of antiques!

The 35s is very loose inside the 33s case...

The "HP way" was always starkly different from Casio or Sharp or even Ti in terms of keyboard layout, logic of arrangement of mathematical functions, input paradigms (not just the RPN aspect) that I generally don't trust all the "bells and whistles" on other machines---I am never sure I have figured them out correctly. Stuff like nCr, or fraction input, or even more, memory...or the AOS/EOS variations....all can bite you rather badly when switching to non-HP.

But as long as I stick to the basics--just arithmetic--or take a little bit of time to test the "advanced" features in immediate need, then I can get along with the "other" machines OK in a pinch.

The converse is also true. Hand any HP to a Casio user and he's dumbfounded about the layout. But they all sway (about pioneers and older) "but these buttons are great!"

Interesting, mine fits quite nicely. I can hold it with the opening facing down, and it takes a bit of shaking before it starts to fall out.

Maybe my 33s case has worn it. I used the 33s solidly for 1 year--as primary--to see if I could adapt (couldn't) and even the 33s is looser in it than it used to be.

Not all the Pioneer cases are thin vinyl. The later ones are similar to the Voyager cases (leatherette--maybe vinyl--with a padded interior) and they fit nicely.

A pioneer itself is very loose in the 33s slip case. Together with its slip case it fits in nicely. The pioneer's case stays inside when the calculator is withdrawn. Offers protection for both the Pioneer and it's slip case.

However, I have not figured out yet where in the UK to order extra 33s cases (or whatever other calc they get sold with).

What is and isn't included in the packages almost always is dictated by distributors and retailers for consumer products (shelf/shipping/peg space)


I hope that HP will consider (or already has considered) selling the case as an accessory. I actually think there might be a bunch of money to be made by selling soft cases, printed manuals, etc. as add-on accessories.