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Full Version: Why are Serial Ports so Annoying? 49G But sort of Off Topic
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I have a 49G and it has ROM 1.18. After two years of relatively normal operation, only occasional crashes, it finally became unbearable.

So I finally decided to try to interface the 49G with the computer.

(I used to do this successfully with the 48GX but I lost *that* cable over two years ago. And the backup battery on the 1MB card went dead and I lost all the saved stuff. So what, wasn't important anyway and the good stuff was old and on the backup computer anyway...)

I read James Prange's (remember him? Where'd he go?) amazing write-up on getting a 49G+ ROM onto a 49G and I was pretty lost. Along the way, I read a number of people's comments on C.S. HP48 which indicated it is better to update to the "unsupported" ROM 1.19-something.

So I gave it a try. I downloaded ROMs and connectivity kit (the one with the little dog).

And then


Computer never sees the HP49.

Why is this stuff always so da^$%$$#$ annoying!

I'm more of a mechanical and electrical as in analog waves guy. I get Lost in Acronyms.

Is this why the MacIntosh is popular? Are there fewer Acronyms?

I don't have a Clue what to do.


I think you will need to supply more info, such as, are you using a real serial port on the computer, or a USB-serial adapter? What operating system? What file transfer software?

Seriously, it's only a 49g.

I have seen various on TAS for between $20 and $50,

a few weeks ago someone sold a NIB for 13 Euros!

So if you really want to fiddle with the FHB,

I'd suggest not to waste too much time with updating it,

but instead to simply get another;-)




Hi Raymomnd, you crack me up. That laugh was needed here this morning.

I get your point, even through your amuzing acronyms :-)

The best part is here:


Best regards,


Edited: 2 Mar 2010, 10:39 a.m.

Hi Martin,

Perhaps Raymond's approach is best....

But yes, it is a real serial port.
Of course it is Windows XP pro.
And the file transfer software is as I described: the one with the picture of the little happy dog...

I am *sure* the problem just must have to do with IRQ interrupt COM port crap. I haven't had to struggle with that stuff in over 10 years, but when I did deal with that, back in the Neanderthal 90s, it was EPIC.

Edited: 2 Mar 2010, 10:45 a.m.

I believe the correct acronym is FHBB.

As the 49G isn't that popular today, hence not as well documented as other calculators, FHBB is short for Frozen Hamster Butt Blue.