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Full Version: OK, Fess Up, Who's the lucky winner? :-)
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Hi, Bill;

although I have no HP67 (I have an HP97 that´s been fully cooperative when I need it...), this one would be welcome. A couple of months ago I lost the chance to buy one for R$150,00 (less then US$100,00 if I am not wrong), but for a matter of minutes it was taken by someone else. Too bad, the one I almost bought seemed to be in good shape.


Luiz (Brazil)

Frankly, I don't think it's such a good price for a calculator with a questionable card reader, no photo of the battery compartment and no accessories other than the AC adapter. Perhaps I'm a little jaded, as I found the two HP-67s in my collection for less with more accessories, although I did need to overhaul both card readers. Mine work perfectly and are in excellent to mint condition. Looking at the stats of the winning bidder, I'm thinking European, possibly German.

Meanwhile, in another auction a very questionable (probably ruined) HP-29C went for $330, which reinforces my previous contention that clean Woodstocks are becoming the new gold standard.

Sorry, I am not the 'lucky' bidder. Like Luiz I am looking for a better opportunity.

Somehow the HP-67s price are up. They were not that high when I was selling them (fully restored) last year! I bought 2 recently, one was fully restored, and paid a pretty penny for that one. To make myself feel a little better about the high price I have been writing HP-67 programs (and HP-41C versions of the same programs) and posting them on my web site. It's fun to see the limit of the HP-67 and the HP-41CX (of course with this 41 you have more memory, programming steps, and more sophisticated stack and indirection commands). Granted that the HP-67 and HP-41 programs have nowhere near the power, speed, and superior results' display of Excel.


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