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Full Version: 82059B/D
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What is the difference between the B and D?


Should be a different localisation.



Electrically they seem identical. As far as markings go, the D-model has "Class 2 Transformer" in addition to all the language that appears on the B-Model. This suggests they were designed to meet a slightly different u.l. rating 891Z for the D model and 191J for the b model.

Thanks. So, are they interchangeable?

No, the base (numeric) part number is different when the plug and/or voltage rating is different. The letter is a product revision. The 82059A wasn't suitable for later calculators. They added a slot in the plug and a keying piece in the socket to prevent the 82059A from being plugged into later calculators.

I'm not sure about the difference between the B and D; it's possible that it is just a manufacturing change with no significance to end users. Check the manual for a specific calculator to see which model is recommended; later revisions should work fine. In other words, if the manual calls for an 82059B, and 82059D will be fine, but the reverse may not be true.

I think so, the manuals are not very heavy on what AC plugs are interchangeable.

So I have noticed. Of all the devices I have only the 9114B and 41CX battery pack manuals specify what recharger to use (A, B, or C based on location). None mention D. The rest just refer to the AC adapter.

BTW I've only ever used a 'D' with my 9114Bs.