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Full Version: HP67-97 Space Systems User's Guide
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I have a photocopied copy of this I acquired with other 67 manuals and items. I've sold off these items and this it what remains.

I do not have the program card for this, but it could be interesting to someone.

Let me know if you have interest, maybe we could trade something or, in the least, you could pay shipping.

Can someone say if this is on the museum DVD yet?
My copy is old.

I can scan and send to anyone as well!

pdf format

a pdf would be great to keep it for the community. You could send it to my email and/or to the curator to have it for the next edition.

Space and Space physics is my passion so I'd be very interested in seeing it (even though I never had a 67, just 41).



I can scan and send to anyone as well!

pdf format

Yeah, I'd like a copy of this. Click on my name above and send me a message and I'll send you my email address.

Don Shepherd

aj, see my new post at the top of the threads. I found the gentleman who wrote this, and he provided it to me. If it is the same doc that you have, there is no need to scan it as he already did that and made it available to us.

Don Shepherd