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Full Version: Celestial Navigation softwarer for HP
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I recently met with the "Sparcom Celestial Navigation Pac" for the HP 48. Does anybody know if there is a new version and/or new software to use with the HP 50G? Thanks

Try this.

Thanks Martin,
this is the Sparcom’s program developed for the HP 48 many years ago... it says that only the library is compatible with the HP 50....
Even though GPS slowed down or stopped celestial nav developments, there is a software called "StarPilot" that runs in the Texas Instruments calculators and is also sold together and preinstalled in the TI-89...
I wonder where to find the equivalent for HP calcs….

I'm also interested in the subject, but just Googled for a while and there doesn't seem to be anything new for 50g. The best seems to be the Sparcom upload to hpcalc.org mentioned above, but as you know that's 1993 (even though it was created for re-upload in 09). There's even another one there called Almanac by Thomas Metcalfe, but that's older (not the anonymous one).

BTW, don't get confused between Star-Pilot (StarPilotLLC.com) that you mentioned which is for several TI's, and "Star Pilot", an astronomy suite for PalmOS on a different web site.

Hi Richard
Nice to see I am not alone with this....If you find something for HP, please let me know.