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Full Version: HP41 Mcode: SELPF arguments
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While working on my disassembler I decided to add some comments to the SELPF instrcution, but I could not find any substantial info about the meaning of the arguments. 9 seems to be the printer, and anything below 9 belongs to HP-IL. Does anyone have more info about this instruction?

Thanks, Meindert

Hi Meindert,

please take a look into the Zenrom manual;-)

IIRC the SELPF argument addresses the peripheral,
and may be followed by data word(s) .

The data word LSB indicates the end of the data sequence,
which means control will be passed back to the mainframe.



Thanks for the tip, it confirms what I already suspected,


i think one of the most complete list of SELPF is part of the HEPAX manual which can be found on this dvd as well as on TOS I believe.