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Full Version: OT: Retro programmable makes comeback.
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Originally released in '79 with 16 programming steps this 2010 replica will have 32 programming steps! Replica also 1/2 scale.

Perhaps another '79 programmable will make a come back.

I had one of these when I was a teen. I loved it! It was the coolest!

Thanks for the link!


These were great. While I was no teen (30 at the Time), I had one with the dump trailor given to me for Christmas. I took it to work and programmed it to go from my desk to my secretary's desk where it would stop, flash lights and make siren sound, dump its trailor and then return to my desk. I would put whatever I wanted to deliver to my secrtary and use the truck to deliver it. Needless to say, not much work actually got done as eveyone would sit around and watch it do its thing.

Thanks for the link and the memory.


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