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Full Version: OT: Dennis (db) - Your bid is welcome!
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I browsed some days ago your wonderful collection of non-HP RPN calculators and noticed that you feature only one product from Texas Instruments. I agree that the RPN module for the TI-59 was just a marketing gag but - don't underrate Texas Instruments.

We all remember the TI-88 and still speculate why it failed. Within few years TI bounced back and introduced some really interesting products. You remember the TI-78 and the TI-81?

Between these two calculators and the mind-boggling PLT SHH1 another TI project kept under the radar screen!

What I learned so far: It is based on Far Eastern technology and was tested probably only on the European market. A fellow collector in Hungary offered me recently an untouched product and I couldn't resist! I am not sure how this rare calculator made it over the iron curtain but it finally is back!

Dennis, Wall Street ruined the economy - I have to sell this unbelievable piece of Texas Instruments history on our favorite auction site. I can't think about a better place than your home for it.

LINK to your auction. Your bid is welcome.



I do have an RPN module for the 59. I guess i should take a photo of it and post it on my hillbilly RPN site, but since i never got into playing with it; about all i would be able to write is "here's a link to Datamath for a real description". I've done that a couple of places, like your good write up of the Corvus 500 technonlgy and Mostek history page here. I never thought the TI rpn rom was a "marketing gag". I may be wrong but i saw it as a service to their customers (and an attempt to sell TIs) by letting you folks over there on the dark side use all those HP 67 users library programs.

About the Disney calculator: That's real truth in advertising. IMHO, i think that every calculator with an equals key should have Mickey Mouse embossed on it!

I hope you've been enjoying your balmy weather up there. I think that we are about to enjoy a series of warm-but-wet storms out here - the kind that makes me glad i'm near the top of the hill and etched into bedrock.


Hope you get some of our ice and snow mix ;-))

Would force you to stay at home and play with the RPN module...

Stay tuned.