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Full Version: ICEBOX.ROM version 1G released + Happy New Year
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Here's the release notes:

In version 1G, I added the functions N200, N201, N202 and N203 to complete the direct bank switching for the NoV-64. A function NXXX was also added to take a number in X and write it directly to address 4100 - in this way, the user doesn't have to go via HEX>NNN and WROM to write a new setting to 4100 (makes for easier bank switching in FOCAL programs). I also added the functions SAVEN and GETN to save and restore main memory to HEPAX RAM (using the file name "N", these functions call HSAVEA and HGETA respectively). They make it possible to assign the saving and restoring ov main memory to keys.

Go to the ICEBOX page to get the rom image, the source code and the updated user manual.

And; Have an excellent 2010!

Hi, Geir;

already downloaded, will add ICEBOX1G.ROM to my MLDL2000 banks later.

Thanks a mil! (time for me to start scratching my own ROM...)

Best wishes to all!

Luiz (Brazil)