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Full Version: The best way to save a HEPAX block to mass storage?
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The purpose is to save 4K blocks of a NoV-64 to mass storage.

There are several modules and ways to accomplish this. Which is the easiest and best way?

Hi, Geir;

when I want it fast, I use the 9114A (needs HPIL) with HEPAX WRTROM (READROM to retrieve) to save a copy of a complete ROM 4K block in a floppy disk. This is also reliable.

In time: I found some problems using WRTROM with a 82242 IR module connected to the HP41. Many data were altered in the NoVRAM module and I had to completely erase and program it again, including the NoVolatile RAM. I am investigating possible causes.

If you have a MLDL2000, you can also configure the NoV64 to leave one or two pages unused (free addresses) and configure the MLDL2000 to use the free addresses with two SRAM 4K blocks in the MLDL2000 itself. Then, use HEPAX COPYROM to make a copy of the 4K page in NoV64 (source) to one of the available MLDL2000 SRAM (I suggested two because most modules use two pages at the same time). Then connect it to the computer and save it as a .rom file.

These are the two ways I have been using.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 30 Dec 2009, 11:15 p.m.