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Full Version: New HP Calculators HP 6S and HP 6S Solar
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Hi there,

there are two new HP Calculators ! Please see http://www.hp.com/calculators/products/ for more information.

They look like a Casio-model !!! Does anyone know if they are a HP-own development ?????


Andreas Stockburger

they don't look HP to me. it's very likely they are not HP made. I have a 20S (and 32SII which I prefer BTW). when switched on the 20S displays zero at the left of the LCD. the new "HP" calcs do so on the right of the LCD... say enough don't you think?

They may or may not be HP-made but apparently at least one of them has 'HP' etched on its pc board. Also(I haven't seen them yet but I will soon), they are apparently noticeably different internally. Regardless of whether or not HP is the manufacturer, the HP calculator division will be making money off of them and that's why i'm going to buy them, because the more money the division makes the more likely they are to continue producing calculators. Let's just hope in the future we see something more sophisticated coming out.

Glad to see some competitive spirit in HP. Making a go at the low end of the calc line!

Comments: Who can read the text on the faceplate of the 6S? The solar model is much better in this area

The solar model is MUCH slower than the other (must be payment for low power dissipation) even slower than the HP-91...

The battery model is fast enough.. Also retains its memory when turned off (& stat registers...)