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Full Version: Not Clueless
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-DISASM- 4D with -LBLAPP 1A now on TOS,
advanced disassembler including user code and global lables
in microcode native implemented. Load BLDROM and you get full control.

PS: there is no way to release roms here, so they must be on TOS.
Can we implement 41C publish here? Web-master? Sure, I can publish in Articles section but roms are too many to publish there.

Check out FS? and FC? in -DISASM- 4D .... tiny soln to bug 0
using several guys ideas, i don't think this is clueless.
It involves the basic undocumented flags of the 41c os.
Then again, maybe after the fire "i am clueless".

Before the fire i was ready to release a new Math rom, unfortunately it was all done in hardcopy, not digital
form and thus was lost via melting of everything
past, present and future. 30 yr of research down the drain
so please bear w me in this hard time. I have lost 50K in 41c
equipment but that dont mean i no longer care about 41c.
I am still "crazy about 41C" and will continue to program and publish new stuff for this machine as others are doing (Angel, etc.). I also happen to loose 30 yr physics reasearch as that what i do.

Edited: 8 Dec 2009, 12:43 a.m.

Hey, Doug;

I was not aware of this fire and your loss, sorry!

Is there anything that can be done? Let me (us) know.

I have been using both DISASSM 4D with labels and BLDROM. They are really great M.Code tools, congratulations! And thanks!

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

You're not "clueless' at all Doug - and have amply demonstrated that more times than it's possible to count!

What a loss to us all that your new module never saw the daylight - your programming is amongst the best examples of what can be done with MCODE, a continuous learning opportunity for me.

But that of course is perhaps nothing when compared to the dreadful impact and consequences the fire has for sure had. Very sorry, and like Luiz, I would like to help if such a thing is possible.

Best wishes,