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Full Version: The new DVD Set Version 7
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Hello All,

The main page for this site caught my eyes yesterday, as I caught a glimpse of the announcement that there is a new DVD set (version 7.0) out!! Of course not significant time passed by before I ordered the double DVD.

Just wanted to remind fellow site members/visitors that the new DVD set is out. It is worthwhile documentation to have.

I want to thank the site curator and any other person who helped scan new (and previous) documents for their efforts and label of love.


Edited: 21 Nov 2009, 9:14 a.m.

Thanks for the heads up, just ordered mine.

Thanks for the alert. Another order placed d:)

Ordered mine too.

I'm a bit disappointed that the main site hasn't been updated for this. I submitted a couple of HP-35s programs ages ago (well over a year) and they're still not up :-(

- Pauli

I hadn't gotten around to ordering these yet, but looks like now is the time. It also looks like the whole collection will be easier to search because most of it has been OCR'd.

Can't wait!

Mine has arrived. :)

Mine has just arrived! :-)

Me ... mine, too d:-)

Mine arrived yesterday. Haven't tried them yet :-(

- Pauli

That more beautiful answers!
Mine still didn't arrive because I still didn't buy.
That waste of time