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Full Version: [OT] A couple Casio "Slim" calcs available (for RPN apps)
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This is an FYI post, so please take it for what its worth (or not). :-) I have nothing to gain from this financially, or otherwise.

I was intrigued with last week's thread "Is the HP33S the only game in town", in which the Casio FX-9860G Slim calculators came up again. Between the good endorsements (fast, nice display, etc..) and Hugh and Nigel's RPN implementations (Reckon, CasioRPN), I thought it was time to find one for myself for the RPN fun of it.

After seeing them go for around $100 at Amazon, Walmart, etc.. I end up at the the "auction sight". It turns out there is a guy in Indiana, a machinist by trade, that writes and sells Casio FX-7400G calcs with his own preloaded Machine Shop Calculations program(s). Apparently, he's tried out his programs on the hi-end FX-9860G and Slim models and for whatever reason, decided against going that direction.

So.. he has a couple Slim models available for $65 and an "upright" FX-9860G for $55. All are Buy-It-Now sales including shipping (inside the US). The downfall is none include manuals or USB cables, so it makes for a so-so deal overall.

I am expecting mine to arrive in a couple days, so I can't say yet if it is really in "like new" condition. But if you want to take a chance on a Slim model, look for "fx-9860", leaving off the "G" suffix.

<We now return you to your regular scheduled programs>.

Geeks (wwww.geeks.com) occasionally has them for about $50-$60, new in box. You just have to check their site frequently. Once they get up there, they only last for a few days or a week at most.

Great calc, BTW.


Yeah, a couple days ago, I clicked on their "Alert Me" icon to notify me when they are in stock again (but I couldn't wait :-).

Did you update your Slim OS from ver. 1.xx to 2? Version 2 for the Slim isn't available from Casio any more, but luckily Hugh put a copy of it on his voidware site. Apparently, it brings it up to fx-9860GII level, less the "surds" functionality. If you need surds, I've also read there is modded version of the 9860GII OS that will install on the Slim, but you'll give up the Slim's Help functionality (maybe because the 9860GII doesn't have Help?).

Back in June, Katie posted here about updating the OS to 2.00, but I'm not sure which version she used.

If you update to ver. 2, I understand you then need to also use their ver. 2 FA-124 PC comm. software.

The important thing for me is to install install one/both of the RPN apps :-)

Back in June, Katie posted here about updating the OS to 2.00, but I'm not sure which version she used.

Casio had the upgrade to version 2.00 for the "slim" model on their website for free download. Some weeks later they changed their mind and took it off. 2.00 runs considerably slower than version 1.xx but adds a lot of functionality like: complex valued matrices and strings.

For reference, here's Casio's Upgrade Site


Having worked around software developers you should probably wait for version 2.03 ;-)