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Full Version: HP41 MLDL2000 Specifications
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The first version of the new HP41 MLDL2000 (EPROM/RAM emulator) are now downloadable at: http://www.kuipers.to/hp41.htm.
It is a zipped Word document of about 230K. Those interested are invited to have a look at it. Please send me comments. My intention is to have the specs finished first before continuing (safe some experiments) with the hardware.

Happy programming,

Meindert Kuipers

Would it be possible to make this available in a non-proprietary format, such as ASCII, HTML or others?


I plan to convert it to PDF as well, should be online tomorrow. Other formats will likely influence the graphics.


Thanks. I haven't run MS software for many years. Linux
deals with PDF's just fine.

Thanks again.

To inform all of you: the spec is now available in RTF and PDF at www.kuipers.to/hp41

Happy Programming!