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Full Version: >-->-->-->--> HP17BII+ disassembled and...surprise ( at least for me )
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I have opened my 17BII+ today, had no more time to fully disassemble it.

I don't know if someone has posted these pics before...

the construction hardware is not similar to a 35S but as you will see in the pics it is more "similar" to a Pioneer (42S, 17BII...)!

The LCD is the same of a 42S or a 17BII and connected via 2 zebra stripes. So...if you have a non working 42S and need a really better display than original one, 17BII+ LCD is simply perfect.

tomorrow will continue with the full disassemble.

to compare 35S and 17BII+

if Mr.Lyuka doesn't worry here is a pic of his 35S:


Edited: 21 Oct 2009, 11:13 a.m.

Hi, Nacho

It's very interesting to know its LCD compatibility to the 42S. Thanks.


Hello Lyuka,

a shame , yesterday I did the swap from the 17BII+ LCD to the 42S HW and didn't work very well, the LCD's seem equal but the new one is has not the same length...

It gave the information at 90 degrees...

It said Memory Clear, but instead of giving that message horizontally it was vertically.


Edited: 25 Oct 2009, 8:52 p.m.


I think that would be an interesting photo to post. There must be a simple solution to this problem...