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Full Version: W&W RAMBOX 64K with DIP-Switches
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I recently saw a W&W RAMBOX II 64KB Version with three 8*DIP switches at bottom of the card reader housing. I was wondering about this, because the German RAMBOX II manual does not describe any DIP-Switches. These switches are for example described in the English manual of the W&W RAMBOX 32KB Version.

A HP41 specialist was quite surprised about the existence of such a W&W RAMBOX.

My question, has anybody seen a W&W RAMBOX II 64KB Version with DIP switches also?

From what I read so far, I assume that the W&W RAMBOX 32KB Version exists in two versions, one with dip switches, one without.

Can anybody confirm this?

So it seem that from the RAMBOX II also exist two hardware versions?



I can only confirm that there is a W&W RAMBOX 32KB _with_ dip switches as it is the only one I have.



I also have one with DIP switches, 3 rows of 8 switches,