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Full Version: Chess on the HP-200LX
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Looking for the best chess program for the HP-100LX/200LX/1000CX, I've tried out many
old DOS programs for compatibilty and playing strength. The result of many test games
and chess problems is:

Two well playing and nice programs are Psion Chess 2.13 and Rex Chess. For these programs
[ON] + [/] is required for correct colour representation of pieces and squares. The estimated
playing strength of both is USCF Class B level.

But there is also an outstanding program with the best user interface and display representation,
most features and clearly the strongest play: Fritz 2.51 with an estimated playing strength of
USCF Class A level.

The three mentioned programs are downloadable for free at

Nice information.

I'll have to try some of these. I appreciate the recommendations!