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Full Version: Out of curiosity, HP calculators in movies or TV series?
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Any ideas?


The Hp-65: superstar in the french movie "L'ordinateur des pompes funèbres, 1973" from Gérard Pirès.

It is originally a book written by Walter Kempley: The Probability Factor

You will find a very nice description of the film on Noël Jouenne's website.

Fluency in french compulsory.

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Yes sir!!! I remember seeing it in Limoges, France, in 1978. on a Sunday afternoon at the hotel's main lobby TV. I was sitting in the lobby and watching TV and boom ... came that movie. I almost fell off my chair--here I am watching a movie about the HP-65!!!

Thanks for bringing the memory.


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There is a sketch drawing of what is clearly a HP calc used in a current beer ad in Australia:



Here you can find some TV commercials:



I think we had a similar thread some years ago, and I remember a quick appearence of a HP-48 in "The Specialist" (1994).

Very funny ad! You have to pinch yourself watching this because they get all the mid-80s stylings perfectly.