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Full Version: HP-75C Magnetic Cards read by HP-71B card reader
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Can you read an HP-75C magnetic card (specifically the financial program) with the HP-71B car reader ?
Any special command to do that ?

thanks for any info on this,



the cards are the same physically, but the binary format is totally different between the HP-71B and the HP-75.

The 71B has the Saturn CPU, whereas the 75 features a CMOS/Mobile version of the Series 80 desktop computers CPU (Capricorn?)



Hi Giovanni

Your HP-71 can read LIF1 files made at the HP-75 and then convert them into BASIC programs.
At the HP-75 use the command TRANSLATE ['filname'] INTO LIF1 and copy the file to card. At the HP-71 copy the file to memory and execute TRANSFORM filename INTO BASIC.