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Full Version: HP-75 Math II
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Hi there,

I have a copy of the HP-75 Math II users' library solutions book and mag cards. Should I scan the book? Or has it already been done?

Note for David : I've sent a couple of emails to your museum email address and gotten no response. Did they arrive?

-- Hans B Pufal

Incidentally, I have just about all the HP75 Solution Book programs on disk. This includes all 3 Math books, 2 Games Books, Electronics, Graphics (!), Test Statistics, Statistics, Real Estate, Finance.
If anyone is interested, I can provide HP75 BASIC files for any of those (but don't ask me how you get them onto the 75), or the complete disk image (compatible with my Lifutils for linux).
I suppose I could TRANSFORM them all into text files and then provide human-readable listings if anyone is seriously interested.
One other thing. Is there a _doucmented_ format for disk images for programs under other OSes? (note : Teledisk is in no sense documented). If so, I'd consider writing a translator between that and 'my' disk images to make them more easily useable by other people.