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Full Version: Slide Rules Back in Production
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There must be some kind of geek chic factor involved in slide rules, because ThinkGeek have started manufacturing slide rules. See http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/tools/be12/?cpg=101T.


--- Les


Perhaps they could also get in the true RPN vintage calculator business?

YIKES! I just checked TAS, and a Post Versalog (like mine) is at $70! I think I'll start using it again...

What! No belt loop?

These new fangled slide whatchamacallits are just a flash in the pan. I'll stick with my good ole Curta.

You bet, i have taken my curta II through british security and had to demonstrate it's use before they let me through!


Are they "upgradeable"?

If not, I'm out. ;) (and it's not me only! ;) )

They obviously copped the "Pickett" brand look:

They ought to carry a warning on the package "Batteries Not Included" ;-)

Pickett-look box, might be a clone of one of the training Picketts.

Warning: Batteries not required; thinking not provided.