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Full Version: Anyone have an Android phone?
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Download the android developer contest judging application when it is available. You may find something fun to review among the many submissions.


Edited: 1 Sept 2009, 11:23 p.m.

PLEASE consider the Palm Pre (WebOS). The ones that are currently available are pure crap. It's painful.


I fully intend to get the HTC Hero, assuming it arrives on Sprint next month. It's the first smartphone that I can truly say looks like it will be good. My current mobile phone is 8 years old, so this will be quite the upgrade.

I also plan to use it as a development platform. Once I have two other higher-priority projects finished I intend to make a *good* calculator for it.

Do you know if there's documentation to develop native code for android now?

when it came out, i looked into it and java was the only supported development environment. I dont mind writing java for front ends, but i'd like to have native code back ends for all my existing libs.

The problem with webOS is that they don't have a good sdk and many capabilities are crippled. For example, you can't read or write a file. Converting everything to javascript wouldn't be fun either. If they ever get around to making c/java/anything else into a non grueling porting experience they will have a lot more applications.


I haven't looked into it yet, but I would imagine it shouldn't be too difficult.

What you have is basically a Linux computer on an ARM chip, so you should be able to develop whatever you want on your PC and cross-compile it with GCC. Then you could call the native code from a Dalvik wrapper.

If you prefer .NET, I believe Mono has been ported over as well. That's what interests me most, to be honest, as most development I do these days is in .NET, but I think that the state of Mono on Android is a bit primitive right now.

You can wrap c/c++ in wrappers and use them directly, and they just released a native code compiler (with the downside that development is a lot trickier and you don't have access to system OS calls).