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Full Version: Error message in Hpapine, HPGCC,XP
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Dear All

When I compile the program hello_local from extended your hp50g with c the output is excactly the same as the document.
I use XP, with sp2

But I get the error message
<<unknown>:3784>: Gdk-WARNING **: cannot open display: (null).

I run the whole excercice from in cygwin, not XTERM.

Cane someone help me with this.

Thanks in advance, Regards

Jan Kromhout

The error message says your X11 server is not running. To check this, try to run another X11 program such as xclock, xlogo, xterm or whatever; it should fail too.


When I start xclock there is no activity.
How can I start this server?

Thanks in advance.

Jan Kromhout