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Full Version: HP-48 Connectivity Kit
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Hello All,

I tried to connect a 48G to my PC under Windows XP via the COM-port but always get an error message that the HP-Connectivity-Kit (Version 2.3 Build 2436) cannot connect. The Helpfile of the Connectivity Kit gives lots of confusing instructions that first a library has to be installed on the 48G but following the instructions results in an error message that the "Connect using"-Cobobox shouldn't be in Auto-mode. But there's no other value to choose. To tell the truth, it drives me crazy.

May someone be so kind and help me troubleshoot this problem ? And is there a better alternative software I could use instead of the Connectivity Kit ?

Thanks in advance and kind regards


I had a similar problem. The current connectivity kit works for the 49g+, 50g calculators. I am using another, older I think, connectivity softwarre for my 48G and 48G+. I am not home right now, so I will check later as to what it's called and post back here. I suppose I could e-mail it to you too, as I don't recall it being such a big file (though I could be wrong).

I don't think it's possible anymore with Windows XP to connect a 49g series and a 48G series calculator with the same software package. I am using two different connectivity programs for these two kinds of calculators.

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there is a very good program ( HPCOMM3.4 ) that may be downloaded
from www.hpcalc.org



Call me old-fashioned but I use the old DOS Kermit program HP supplied with their PDL kit. Pretty certain you can download this freely. Even the old PDL is still quite usable and both the PDL and Kermit have minimal footprint, no fancy installation routine and do the job. How often are you going to be transfering files? If not very often, a simple solution like Kermit works a treat.


I trust the file was received in good order?


I used to use HPComm 3.4. But one day, there was, I guess, an update to Windows XP and it stopped working. It could not find right COM port so it could not find the calculator.

If you have an old 56k modem installed, it may be hogging up the COM1 port.

Try freeing up your COM1 port first:
Start > Settings > Control Panel > System

In System Properties, select the "Hardware" Tab.
On the Hardware Tab, select "Device Manager" button.

In Device Manager, scroll down to the "Modems". Open up the modems list view.
Right click on any modem (and any communications cable) and select "Disable".

While your there, go to the "Ports".
Right click on the Communications Port (COM1) and select Properties.
Make sure the port settings match the settings in the Connectivity Kit. You should use the HP Connectivity Kit 3.0 free from HP.

Hope this helps.


I had similar problems a couple of weeks ago:
I purchased an USB to RS232 cable but the PC - windows xp -
could not detect the calculator!
An expert help me to solve the problem and "JJB299" advices
are certainly the right things to do: desable and unable the com port,
but if it still doesn't work, simply try to unplug and re-plug
the cable - with the HP48 in server mode, displaying
"Awaiting Server Cmd." - and it should work well.


I'm no expert, and maybe someone more knowledgeable can say something, but there is power also in the USB connection. I would be careful is simply plugging and unplugging something connected via USB. Yes, I know many people simply connect and pull out their flash drives, etc., but I think these things are more robust maybe, than a 48G/G+/GX.

thanks a lot to all who responded, especially to Ed Look who sent me the HP-48-Explorer. It works perfect even under Windows XP using the build-in COM-Port of the PC!

Kind regards