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Full Version: Removing the private status of a file (HP-71b)
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I am trying to have a look into the HP-2225B printer driver included in the zenwand. Unfortunately, it is private.
This forum already contains a thread about that, see
this thread.

The HP-2225B printer driver is a basic program that is 953 bytes long. I loaded the JPCROM version F into the HP-71B and managed to peek/poke the file into the main ram. But since it is an exact copy, this new file is also marked private.

I would like to remove this protection with the UNPRIVLX mentioned earlier, but I can't find it. The holyjoe page also says it is included in "OLDISLEX", but I can't find that either.

Can anyone please give me a hint how to remove the private status?

I want to look into the printer driver to see if it will be possible to use other printer with the barcode-printing code included in the zenwand.

Kind regards, Klaus

Klaus, have you tried to copy the program to a LIF image via HP-IL and EMU71 and modify it there? Cf. my Math RAM Article.

Hello Markus,

the JPCROM contains a hex-editor to modify files, so I could do it on the physical HP-71B. I will try to change the byte 03 at (relative) address 000E to 00, and report the result.

Vielen Dank and kind regards, Klaus

I did not succeed in removing the private status. I think this is because the SYSEDIT-command uses nibble addresses and now byte addresses. I tried different locations, but each time it failed. Where did you get the file-header information from? Is it the software IDS?

I will see if I can transfer the file to emu71 this weekend.

Kind regards, Klaus

Edited: 28 Aug 2009, 3:02 a.m.

Yes Klaus, it's somewhere in the IDS.