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Full Version: PIL Box Success Stories
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I am planning to get one of these and wanted to know how everyone is using them and what they have been able to accomplish. Please let me know,

The PIL Box is the thing I have been waiting for for many years,

and near to the point where I had given up hope that s.t. like this would come true,

our wizard Jean-Francois Garnier announced it!

I have one of the earlier protos, and it simply works as expected:-)

You can easily transfer data between your real HP-41 (or HP-71)

and the virtual HDRIVE using the normal mass storage related HP-IL commands.

IMHO the PIL Box is _the_ interface between modern PCs and your beloved HP-41.

So my advice: Get one while you can!



I 2nd everything Raymond Del Tondo said above.

I use the PILBox with my MacBook Pro. Currently the PILBox PC code is Windows-based, so I have to use VMware with XP. Not a problem at all, it works great.

I was working with Khanh-Dang Nguyen Thu-Lam to get something native working with OS/X and Linux, but I had to clear my desk for a work project. I'll pick it up again in 3 weeks.

Edited: 27 Aug 2009, 3:18 a.m.

The PIL-Box is the perfect interface solution for modern PC - which only support an USB port. The function test with the prototype I get from Jean-Francois is positive.

As Raymond explains the PIL-Box acts as gateway between your real HP-41 / HP-71 and HDRIVE1 of EMU41 / EMU71. Bidirectional transfer of programs, data and Ascii files is possible.

Not possible is the advanced control of external / real HP-IL devices by EMU41 / EMU71, actual for this applications you need the HP-IL/PC Interface Card.

When your PC supports a RS232 serial COM port you can use the HP-IL RS232 Interface for bidirectional transfer of data and programms (refer to IL2000 Interface System manual).

The software / hardware technology of the PIL-Box includes the needed plattform for future IL-devices, for example an IL-Massstorage Drive with simcard memory as replacement for the CMT-RAM-Disk. This device would be a really nice system extension for HP-41 + MLDL200 / NoVRAM / Clonix....

Best regards - Christoph

Edited: 27 Aug 2009, 8:55 a.m.