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Full Version: HP-67 Diagnostic program
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I am running the diagnostic program. Initially the display shows -7.777777770-77, not -888.9-90 etc as described in the Standard Pac manual, after a minute or so the calculator displays 10000000.00 and stops at what looks like line 203 of the program. This seems a bit odd, other programs seem to run without any problems. Any ideas what is going on?


I think there is more than one version of the diagnostic program. According to the HP-67 Standard Pac Manual on the MOHPC Disc #4, the display is supposed to show -7.777777770 -77 initially, and then show the following values:

1. 07
10.000 06
1.0000 07

So I would assume this means you calculator is working OK.

However, my HP-97 Standard Pac Manual and the program itself display 57.0 initially and eventually display a series of numbers ending with -8.888888888 -88. Also, the program on the card itself matches the listing in my manual, not the one in the manual on the MOHPC CD.

I think there are four different versions of the diagnostic. The earliest displays the 7's. Later versions end in 8's. Sometimes the cards did not match the manual they were shipped with. I think that HP included an addendum with most of the mismatched manuals (but some got through without the addendum).

I got my 97 and 67 the same week, each came with Standard Pac cards, only the 67 came with the Standard Pac book (the guy who sold me the 97 recently found the book and is sending it). After I got the 67 card reader working, I tried the diagnostic and didn't get the behavior the book said. Then I noticed that I had mixed up the 67 and 97 card holders (or the card holders that came to me with the calculators) and after a closer look, I noticed that the diagnostic cards in the two Pacs had different version numbers printed on them. If you are working from a Standard Pac book, compare the listing in the back of the book to what is on your card.

When I get the 97 Standard Pac book (assuming it really belongs with the cards I got), I will be curious to see if the diagnostic described there is different from the other book.

What service this forum provides! What simultaneity of thought! I only hope we use our powers for good.

Thanks for the fast explanations. I also have another standard pac of program cards. I will test the diagnostic on these also. My calculator is a 1979 model and seems to give the results Victor described so all is well.


I checked my other diagnostic card from my second standard pac that is labeled 15C instead of 15A and it gives the result described in the manual, but takes longer to run. So there are 2 differant diagnostic programs.

OK, to put an end to the discussion I have scanned the manual pages for versions B and C of the HP-67 diagnostic.

You can get them at http://www.prevelakis.net/HP67/HP-67-Diag.pdf