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Full Version: Halcyon Calc for iPhone/iPod Touch : a clone of an HP-28S ?
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Hi all,

I found this app this evening by doing my usual "calc" search in the AppStore.
It's available from 22/08 on only.
Has anyone already bought and used it?

I also saw another clone of HP-12C called "Calc 12E", but in this case, the origin is clearly announced!

Regards from France.


It looks like it has 28S-ish buttons and some features, but I wouldn't call it a clone (e.g. no graphing); more of an "inspired by the 28S" rpn calculator.

Nice find, JM!

I like it - but I can't buy it. I already have thirty-seven calculators on my iphone..

I already have thirty-seven calculators on my iphone.

And your point is? :-)

As the author of the program, I can confirm that version 1.0 is intended to be a subset of HP-28S functionality. The subset includes:

  • real, complex and integer numbers and strings, lists, symbols and expressions are supported[/li]
  • trig, log, real, complex, binary, string, solv, list, stack, store and memory menus (a couple of operations missing from the string menu, transforming the LCD display to a string and back again)[/li]

It also has some nice features which the iPhone interface provides like being able to scroll quickly back through the stack and use your finger to swipe through the menus instead of using Next and Prev.

Some things are still missing, mainly programs, vectors, arrays, plotting, calculus and the algebra menu. I encourage anyone interested in the application to visit
our website. There, you can find a poll where you can vote on what I add for the next version and the documentation I have put together which describes what functionality is included in the support section. I hope to also have a video on line within a week or so which will better describe what the application is capable of.

Thanks for your interest and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the app.

Edited: 26 Aug 2009, 2:36 p.m.