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Full Version: HP 48G Statistics question
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In my Chemistry class we will be required to
do statistical analysis (mean, std deviation, error, % error)
on our lab experiments.

I'm trying to use a HP48G to do this.
In one of the sample questions the instructor has supplied,
I need to calculate the above stats (mean, std deviation, error, % error) from this data (0.0064, -0.0169, 0.0201, -0.0096).

Using the (right shift)STAT function, I entered the values,
(checked Mean, Std Dev, and Total).
The SD came out alright, but both Mean and Total came out 0 (zero)

What do I need to do to get more decimal places?

Right now in MODES my Number Format is in STD,
But if I use one of the other modes (Fixed, Sci, or Eng)
will I need to set the number of decimal places each time I'm
given a different data set?



dona nobis pacem

I do believe the mean and total is exactly zero. No amount of decimals will change this.

Mean and Total actually *is* zero ;-).



Thanks guys!

Move along,
nothing to see here...


dona nobis pacem