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Full Version: PScalc95 (48SX sim) on 200LX: Abnormal program termination
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I stumbled across PScalc95 yesterday (48SX sim written specifically for the 95LX), but when I try to run it on either my 200LX or my desktop, I just get "Abnormal program termination" and nothing else. Anybody had any luck getting this working?

It's available here in the pscalc.lzh archive if you guys want to play around with it:


I'd love to get it working - it sounds like it could be a significant missing link in functionality for my 200LX.

Hi Dave. I loaded it onto a memory card and it ran fine out of the filer and out of dos. I'm wondering if your computer didn't expand it cleanly.


Bingo, I expanded it with WinRAR instead and got an exe that's 34 bytes smaller. Weird! I guess I'll have to be wary of using FilZip to extract LZH archives. Thanks!

No problems whatsoever using WinRAR here... :-)