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Full Version: The HP-10BII
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The 25 was a woodstock, the 65 a classic, the 42 a pioneer. What is
the 10BII? What other calcs are part of this series? Lastly, what
is the definitive list of pioneers?

re: Pioneers - found a list on the web (of course) 10 minutes after
posting this. As for the 10BII - the same source classes it as a
Pioneer, but it doesn't match the Pioneer form factor at only five
buttons across rather than 6. Is it really a pioneer? Are there
any other calcs like it in the HP line-up?

Thankfully, no. Especially if you're talking about the first version of the 10BII.

Newest version is pretty good. Like the case, keys, colors.

Original ... not so much.

Newest version is a charm to operate. It feels extra solid, key action is great and design is beautiful but I would prefer a dot-matrix display. CPU is a bit sluggish but you don't have calculate a space shuttle reentry with it so it's a non-issue.


definitely not a pionier,

the 10BII is in a class of it's own, it is based on brand new source code (inspired from the HP100LX calculator) and has a micorprocessor only used by the 10BII (H8).

the math part of the source has later been reused for the 33s/35s/17BII+ and 12Cplatinum version 2.

regards, cyrille

I purchased two at my local Walmart for $11 each. They were on some sort of clearance sale locally a few weeks ago.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the apparent quality.

I wouldn't mind having something similar in a scientific RPN calculator (especially if it handled complex number math).

Cyrille, do you remember if the H8 used in the 10BII is flash or OTP?


Almost certainly neither Flash nor OTP. It's most likely masked ROM.