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Full Version: Touch Up Paint Pen -Silver Paint
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Hi everybody, while browsing around I've found this item :160356551826, and I was wondering if anybody has ever tested something similar for retouching the classic units, thanks in advance for your replies and comments, take care, Alberto

I'm not sure I'd buy on auction what I can get from any hobby store or craft supply like Michael's.

I have used these silver paint pens with some success. There are two types, the thick highlighter style like in the auction, and a fine ball-point paint pen. The fine point works on the chrome lines on the sides and bottom well. These are very thin and partially protected areas. I have tried both on the top raised bar. The top is thinker than the sides and harder to paint well. Either works OK but I have been experimenting with spray paint, and it is better.

These paints are not very robust, especially the top rail under the display. It will rub off very quickly. It has to be oversprayed with a clearcoat.

I am planning on posting some photos soon, comparing the pen and spray paint.