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Full Version: HP71B Assembler - references
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Hi, can anyone point me to reference material, or tutorial type material for assembly language programming onthe 71B please ?

John Robinson

The FORTH/Assembler ROM Owner's Manual will be a big help. You can get it on the latest CD/DVD here.

There is also an excellent book entitled: "The Basic HP-71 Version 2.1" by Richard E. Harvey, which is very difficult to find. I have only seen two copies for sale on the auction site in eight years. It is particularly useful for assembly language programming of the 71B.

John Pierce

There is a "Saturn" document written for the 48/49 that starts at
a very basic level. Chapter III describes the Saturn.

The HP-71B version uses a sub-set of the 49 version Saturn.

You can find it here: Saturn Doc

Edited: 19 Aug 2009, 10:00 a.m.

Thanks all, I'll take a look at the Saturn Doc and the FORTH/Assembler ROM Owner's Manual.


FWIW, HP-71B Forth Assembler IMS/IDS is also on the MoHPC DVD.