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Full Version: EMU41 BIN files
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Hello All:

I've gotten EMU41 running pretty well with my PC with many thanks to Christoph Klug for his patient assistance via email. I have a copy Warren Furlow's HP41 DVD and in both the Standard and HP-IL Peripheral subdirectories on the DVD, he has MOD files for each included module.

According to the EMU41 documentation, there is a program called CLBIN41 to convert ROM files to BIN files. Is there a program to convert MOD files to either ROM or BIN files since EMU41 can use either?

If that's not possible or appropriate, are their other sources that make BIN files available for the EMU41 emulator?

Thank you for our comments or suggestions.


Edited: 18 Aug 2009, 8:41 p.m.

Never mind. I went back and re-read the EMU41 documentation and was reminded that the emulator supports both ROM and BIN files. I got so accustomed to using BIN files with EMU41 that I forgot the emulator can use both types. I did a search for both of them in the 1st Warren Furlow HP-41 disk that I bought a few years ago and the new 30th anniversary DVD I just got a few months ago and found some interesting results.

For BIN files the first disk has 39 and for the 30th anniversary disk, it has 10. For ROM files, the first disk has 268 and for the 30th anniversary disk, it has 363. I looked at the files and there are lots of duplications since many of them are related to the different emulator packages included on the disks. Also, I don't know if all these ROM files are compatible with EMU41 but I'll have lots of fun trying them out. I took the 'Games1a' ROM file and "plugged" it in to the emulator and ended up playing a game of Hangman, so I know that worked.


Edited: 19 Aug 2009, 8:28 p.m.