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Full Version: 48GX - screen is all black - please help!
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Hit the 'on' button on the 48GX this morning and the whole screen is displaying all black pixels except for one vertical stripe down the middle. It's not responding to the 'off' command. Took out the batteries and replaced them with all new batteries, and the all-black screen displayed immediately, without even hitting the 'on' button. It's 10-yrs old, barely used during the past 5 years or so, never been dropped, worked fine yesterday... too old for HP to service. Any ideas on how to get it up 'n running again? Please help!! Thanks in advance, ~~Kath

There are different things you could try, given you have batteries installed:


- ON+C

If that doesn't work, then

- If you turn the HP-48GX around, the upper right rubber foot hides a reset hole. CAREFULLY stick a needle into it until it hits ground, then remove the needle.

About the battery polarity warning: There's a big chance that you will fry the zener diode if you put in batteries with the wrong polarity.


The reset button worked! I had no idea there was a reset button.
Thanks for your help; it is much appreciated!!!

Glad you could revive your HP-48GX:-)

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