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Full Version: Voyager series, logic PCA and keyboard PCA
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Hello and thanks for the help in advance.

Pictured are the three PCA versions I have in my collection (ignoring all the 12C variations of late!). These are the ones during the production run of the Voyagers from 1980 to about 1989.

-3 variations of the 11C circuit board
*the early two-piece-PCA; logic/LCD flex PCA and keyboard PCA
*the early one-piece-PCA-two-ICs
*the one-piece-PCA-one-IC

Here is an HP-10C early version two-piece-PCA (I have an 11C with the a similar board):

Here is an early one-piece-two-ICs HP-11C:

Here is the one-piece-PCA-one-IC HP-11C:

My questions are,

- Were all the early versions of the 10C to 16C a two-piece-PCA system (I have only two examples; a 1980 11C and a 1982 10C). First picture.

- Was the one-piece-two-ICs an intermediate between the two-piece-PCA and the one-piece-one-IC version? Second picture.

- Was the final iteration the one-piece-PCA-one-IC pictured? Third picture.

Cheers, and thanks.

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I. Yes. I've seen all five models in the two-PCA form. (I've never seen a 10C in single-PCA form.)

II. Yes

III. There were multiple "one-chip" variants. The 11C, 12C, 15C, and possibly the 16C had a variant using the 1LQ9 chip (with a 1LH1 in the 15C). The 12C went through two further single-chip revisions prior to the recent ARM-based platform, using the 1RR2 and 2AF1 chips.

Note that the 15C always has one more IC than the other Voyagers, so the "one-chip" 15C variant has two chips.


Just out of interest, is there any difference in current draw between the 1 and 2 chip versions?


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I haven't measured them, but I'd be surprised if the 1LQ9 version didn't have slightly lower current drain than the earlier versions. The 2AF1 version that ran on a single CR2032 probably had even lower current drain than the 1LQ9.

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