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Full Version: Two questions: 38g/39gs aplets and HP ODU
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Will aplets for the 39gs run on a 38g? I thought I could save some frustration if the answer is no.

Also, with the HP overhead display unit, can I use the cable for the unit that has the 10 pin adapter for the 38g and 49g with this


and connect the unit to the serial port on a 48s or 48g?



Edited: 25 July 2009, 11:37 p.m.

Not answering the second question, sorry.

The applet format has changed between the 38G and it successors, they are not directly compatible. I can't tell from the top of my head whether there is a conversion utility.


The adapter is on its way to me. I'll give it a try with the ODU and post the results.


Just in case anyone was wondering, I tried the above adapter today. It does not allow the 48s/g to work with the ODU directly from the serial port.