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Full Version: Here is something to port to a 41
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Additional challenge: Port to HP65 :)

Interesting link - thanks!

I hope someone is going to patch it so if both radars are switched on, it doesn't give 1202/1201 alarms.



Additional challenge: Port to HP65 :)

I've been playing with this thing for a few days now (it runs on the Macintosh :-) ) and am still truly amazed. It was designed nearly 10 years before the HP65, but is much more powerful. It interfaces to the spacecraft systems, is fully multitasking capable, has two kilowords of RAM (magnetic cores!) and had to run for nearly two weeks continuously in a very hostile environment. One of the true milestones of technological development, the ancestor of the flight management system of evey modern aeroplane.

Greetings, Max