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Full Version: Printing statistics calc // 46
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Hi all,

here's an auction showing a print of something called "model 5" looking like an HP 46 but with different keys. I haven't seen this model before, at least I don't remember. Does anybody know more about it? The photo of the relevant page is too blurred to read anything there :(

Look here.

Salvatory clause: I'm not linked to the seller.


Could be the 9805, maybe in France just labeled 5?

Edited: 18 July 2009, 5:51 p.m.

Thomas, thanks for the hint. You must be right. I just checked the "9805 Expanded Stat Guide" on Dave's DVD, and it even states "Model 5" on its first page. So, not only in France ...

Yep, easy to identify from the 46 or 81 by its swappable left hand keyblock. I love the way they printed the graphs on those keys and used such "wordy" key labels! I've never seen any alternative keyblocks other than the standard one though - has anyone got any pictures or descriptions of any others please?