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Full Version: NEWT processor update
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The forum at TOS contains a thread in "General discussion->HP-41 30th Year Anniversary":

Here is an update on that project [the NEWT processor]. See the NEWT Manual at the link. The idea is to send him your machine/board and he swaps it out. Now speed (my biggest complaint) won't be an issue). OK serious 41ers what do you think? Is there interest?

Any feedback from you? I am not sure if I would do that to my HP-41CX, since speed is acceptable for the programs I run. But I understand NEWT simply as a faster NUT-CPU, but the manual indicates that it has some more I/O?

This may be the wrong forum to discuss that, but there is little activity on the TOS-forum.

For those who are interested, this discussion is continued on the HCC email discussion list. I would prefer to have the discussion here, since this forum have more visibility. I will ask the initiator of the thread to come visit us here as well,


I would love to see the NEWT project seen to fruition with compatibility with HEPAX/NoV-64. I would give an arm to get my upgrade.