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Full Version: PILBox initial testing. HP-IL Lives!
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I received my PILBox (http://www.jeffcalc.hp41.eu/hpil/index.html) yesterday and assembled it using the solderless instructions. Essentially it does work as advertised. I was able to use ILPer as an HP9114B drive and as an HP83163 32 column video adapter with my 41CX via HP-IL. Sweet! The PILBox really opens up the possibility for PCs to emulate any HP-IL device.

I write all my 41CX programs on my laptop and compile with HP41UC and test with Nonpareil. To get into a physical 41CX I print barcodes and wand it in. This is faster than booting up my 200Mhz PC so that I can do electronic transfers with my HP-IL ISA adapter. With the PILBox I now use HP41UC to create a disk image and then use that with ILPer. That's laptop -> PILBox -> 41CX. Nice!

Given that I am an OS/X user I had to do all of this with VMware. No problems, the USB pass-through worked just fine.

Presently I am unable to use the PILBox as an ISA HP-IL replacement with EMU41. This support is experimental and still being worked on. A better solution would be for modern emulators to use the PILBox directly. I'll be attempting to get Nonpareil to do this (when I find time). 99% of the work is already done (http://pagesperso-orange.fr/kdntl/hp41/nonpareil-patch-doc.html).

HP-IL Lives!

Edited: 12 July 2009, 3:44 p.m.

Hi Egan, all,

Glad to know it works great also for you!

Success also here with the PIL-Box connected to my Hp-71Bs!

Normal speed works great, both :HDRIVE1 & :DISPLAY +scope and on any port.

It even works with Virtual Pc (I'm also a Mac user).

I still did not succeed in activating high speed with JP3 + port at 115kbs (Ilper answers "pas de réponse de la PIL-Box) but this feature is still experimental as per JFG site.

And the case is nice too. I had secured an Hp-IL printer enclosure to fit the circuit in but it is much more transportable in the case provided by Jean-François.

Definitely an awesome job from Jean-François Garnier.

Best regards from France!


Just wanted to show you my PIL-Box with a standard HP-IL Connector unstead of cables.....


Not bad! Do you have a part number? ;)

One moment, it's all in my brain: 82166-60020 (or use a dead interface HP-IB <-> HP-IL, ...)